• Upon arriving at Elle, you will sit down with one of our expert technicians to discuss the look you desire. They will discuss the best lash type, fullness, curl, and design to achieve your desired look. Everything from naturally under-stated to extreme glamour is possible – it's all up to you.

    Choose your fullness:
    The number of lashes per eye determines how full your lashes will be. Fullness determines how dramatic your lashes will look. Note: An average person has about 100 to 200 eyelashes per eye, though some people can have many more. If you are still unsure of what option is best for you the GLAM is the standard full set.

    "GLAM" Extensions (85 lashes/eye)
    Perfect for everyday. Ditch the mascara.
    "DIVA" Extensions (105 lashes/eye)
    Great for weddings.
    “VIXEN” Extensions (125 lashes/eye)
    Kim Kardashian lash fabulousness.

    Choose your material:
    All of the sets above are done with Faux Mink lashes. They are glossy, light in weight, soft, and more flexible than regular synthetic lashes. Or, choose one of the following options:

    100% Mink Lashes
    Cruelty-Free. Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions are gathered by gently brushing the tail of the animal and hand selecting the hairs to use as extensions. They are then sterilized and hypo-allergenic. No chemicals or dyes are used. They are extremely light weight and this creates a soft and feathery look. Not a good option for people who want their lashes to look full.
    Bottom Lash Extensions
    Add to your look and make your eyes pop. It also balances out your look. Up to 20 extensions per eye are applied to your bottom lashes.
    Re-lash (full)
    Eyelash extension fill. 45 eyelashes applied per eye. Done with Faux Mink lashes. Required every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look of your eyelash extensions.
    New Client Re-lash
    Book this re-lash service if you are a new client coming from another salon with eyelash extensions on. Includes 45 lashes per eye.
    Re-lash (bottom lashes) $25+
    Mink Re-lash (full) $110
    Eyelighting and Ombre Colored Lash Accents
    Eyelighting and ombre lashes a unique way to highlight the natural color of your eye. Adding a splash of color is a great way to highlight your natural eye color.
    Lash Removal
    We will remove strip, flare, individual, or eyelash extensions safely using gel solution.

    Extreme Lash are the industry’s most-trusted name in lash extensions.

    Extreme Lash "GLAM"
    (85 lashes/eye)
    Extreme Lash "DIVA"
    (105 lashes/eye)
    Extreme Lash "VIXEN"
    (125 lashes/eye)
    Extreme Lash Re-lash
    (40 lashes/eye)
    Extreme Lash Bottom lashes
    (20 lashes/eye)
    Extreme Lash Bottom Re-lash
    (30 lashes/eye)
  • Lash Tint
    Eyelash tinting is the ideal service for clients with blond or lightly colored eyelashes. It gives the color of mascara and can last 4-6 weeks.
    Lash Perm
    You no longer have to use an eyelash curler ​to get uplifted lashes. ​​Eyelash perms lift and curl your lashes and typically last up to a month and a half. As the permed lashes fall out and are replaced by straighter ones, the uplifted effect of an eyelash perm disappears and requires additional treatments.
  • Facial Waxing
    Brow Wax
    Keep your fabulous shape. We clean them up for you!
    Lip Wax $15
    Chin Wax $20
    additional beauty services
    Brow Tint
    Skip filling in your brows. Gives your brows a finished look. LASTS UP TO 2 WEEKS.
    Strip Lash
    No commitment, no hassle, fabulous lashes for one evening.
  • Memberships


       No initiation fee
       10% off retail merchandise purchased at the lash bar
       A “No Commitment” contract which you can cancel with 30 active days notice via email
       Receive double points for our loyalty program
       Your lashes look fabulous all of the time



    $150Per month
    • 2 FULL re-lashes (45 lashes per eye)
    • $40/month SAVINGS


    $290Per month
    • 2 FULL re-lashes (125 lashes per eye)
    • $10/month SAVINGS

    w/Bottom Lashes

    $195Per month
    • 2 FULL re-lashes (45 lashes per eye) and 2 bottom re-lashes
    • $45/month SAVINGS

    w/Xtreme Lashes

    $170Per month
    • 2 FULL re-lashes (45 lashes per eye) done with Xtreme lashes
    • $40/month SAVINGS


    3 6
    Half $180 $330
    Full $270 $540
    volume $435 $840
    Full W/Bottom Lashes     $340 $675
    Extreme Lash
    3 6
    Classic $300 $570
    Classic w/Bottom Lashes $375 $720
    Volumation™ $465 $900

    Lash Tinting Packages

    3 Lash Tints $75
    6 Lash Tints $120
    3 Brow & Lash Tints $135

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